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    60 years ago, the first jet aircraft JJ-1, designed and built in China, took off into the air. In commemoration of this event, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics ( NUAA ) in close collaboration with the Chinese Society of Aeronautics   ( CSA ) is holding the third Asian Seminar and the first Student Design Competition on aircraft design. These two events will be held jointly within the framework of the Asian Workshop on Aircraft Design Education ( AWADE-2018 ) in Nanjing on 14-17 October 2018.



    The Seminar will discuss reports on top methodological and scientific issues related to the aircraft design and  organization of engineering education. Three sessions are proposed. 

  • The 1st session will be devoted to methodological issues aimed at improving the education process. This session will analyze teaching scheduling reflecting course curricula based on experience of different universities.

  • The 2d session will be connected with the general actual scientific problems in the aircraft design.

  • The 3d session will be devoted to special, narrowly-specialized topic that is to be selected during the AWADE 2018 preparation process.

    The Student Design Competition (SDC) will be held in order to assess students' knowledge and skills in the field of aircraft design, as well as to improve their skills as an outcome of their participation, performance, and analysis of reports presented at competition. The SDC will be held in two rounds.

  • The 1st  tour is the Team Championship; each student team will work on a conceptual aircraft design project.

  • The 2nd tour is the Individual Championship; each student-participant will work on questions related to the overall design, aerodynamics, aircraft strength, manufacturing and operation issues.

    Judging: the SDC Jury will be selected among the participants of the seminar, as well as among the supervisors of the student teams.


Addition activities

  • Opportunities for both students and professors to meet representatives of the aviation industry.

  • Tour around Nanjing.

  • Visits to laboratories and the Museum of Aviation Technology, meeting with the Chairs of NUAA.


REGISTER to take part in AWADE-2018

    Registration is required. Individual participants and Team Leaders need to register before 30 June 2018.   

    Welcome to register and send your expression of interest to: awade@nuaa.edu.cn 

Registration and participation is FREE !

    Aviation industry representatives, who wish to participate either in person or via video-conferencing, and who plan to advertise and/or invite skilled students for internships and/or job offers, are welcomed to discuss the aspects of conference involvement and potential sponsorship with the organizers prior to the event.


How to participate

    Seminar :

    Student Design Competition:


Requirements for presentations at the seminar

The language of communication participants AWADE-2018 is English.

    The results of original research and problem solving scientific and methodological issues are presented at the Seminar.

    Reports are provided in English, Length should not exceed 10 pages.

    The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject materials that do not correspond to the subject of the conference and/ or are designed in violation of these requirements.

    It is the aim of the Organizing Committee to publish a collection of conference materials on electronic media.

    Materials will be included in the collection at the Organizing Committee's discretion.

    The Organizing  Committee will only edit texts for correct English (not content).