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About AWADE 2017


    The Asian Workshop on Aircraft Design Education ( AWADE ) continues its work on improving the educational processes in the field of aircraft design and strengthening the links between universities and industry. It is the goal of the organizers for AWADE be become one of the major Asian aerospace events in the field of atrcraft design education.

   The first Asian Workshop on Aircraft Design Education of 2016 ( AWADE 2016) held in NUAA from 8 to 11 october 2016 and it highlighted the importance of holding such activity between people interested in training highly qualified specialists in the field of aircraft design. AWADE's Organizing Commitee sees the need to continue and expand the development of this activity.

   To grow the capabilities of this kind of workshop and increase its reach,the Organizing Committee ( OC ) considers that the format of the seminar should not be limited to full-time participation but should also include videoconferencing to enable those in absent to take part in. With this in mind, and after the seccessful hosting of the AWADE ( 2016 ), the OC proposes that the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics ( NUAA ) should also host AWADE 2017, from 17 to 20 October,2017.